Junior Network Engineer

Company Name:
CTC Technology & Energy
Junior Network Engineer
CTC Technology & Energy -
D.C. Metro Area
Sophisticated consulting firm offers high-prestige work and high quality of life.
CTC Technology & Energy (CTC) offers a challenging work environment combined with reasonable hour expectations and emphasis on lifestyle. To build our growing team, we seek a highly motivated and self-reliant Network Engineer.
The following factors matter to us:
1. You are self-directed, highly motivated, and love your work;
2. You value independence and quality of life, and being treated with respect by your employer and colleagues;
3. You seek a challenging, exciting job and co-employees (and customers) with the same vision;
4. You are interested in collaboration and accomplishment as well as opportunity to learn real-world applications of your studies on the job;
5. You want to work hard while working without feeling your employer is expecting more than your best or more than 40 hours per week.
Desired Skills and Experience
Any or all of the following knowledge and experience is a plus:
1. You have 1-3 years of network engineering experience;
2. You have experience with assessment, design, or implementation of data, voice, and video networks utilizing fiber optic, copper, or wireless communications systems;
3. You have a bachelors or master's degree in engineering,
science, information technology or a related field;
4. You have, or are currently seeking a CCIE, CCSP, CCNP or similar level of certification, OR work experience demonstrating comparable ability
5. You have experience with fiber optic network theory and testing;
6. You know ITIL compliant-practices OR are ITIL-certified, or are seeking an ITIL certification.
About this company
CTC is a vibrant, fun, exciting workplace with some of the most complex networking projects in the country. These include metropolitan area fiber networks, nationwide fiber access architectures, developing national broadband policies, planning the implementation of the FirstNet public safety wireless broadband network, and deploying new generations of wireless technologies.
We want to hire superstars who do amazing work.
We hire only people who meet our standards for both seriousness of purpose and commitment. You must show us that you have high integrity, ability to meet deadlines, maturity, and flexibility. And we'll expect you to provide evidence of appropriate presentation and writing ability.
If you are the right fit for us, we can offer you unique work situations--if you need flexibility in hours, we can accommodate that, and we have many employees who telework. All options are possible for outstanding, motivated employees.
If you are interested in this vision of the workplace--and in joining an amazing team of motivated engineers and project managers, send us your resume and salary history.
Competitive salary and benefit package/Equal Opportunity Employer.
Background: CTC Technology & Energy (CTC) is an established, 30-year old, growing independent communications and IT engineering consulting firm. We work at the highest levels on cutting-edge communications networking projects for public sector and non-profit clients throughout the U.S. Current projects include long-term fiber optic and wireless regional communications interoperability initiatives in the Washington, DC area, funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, design and implementation of wireless networks, engineering design and business modeling and project oversight for broadband networks, and advising the federal government.
We offer comprehensive expertise in the following broad, evolving areas:
-Designing and implementing metropolitan area fiber optic and wireless networks
-Designing and optimizing network architecture
-Coordinating the planning and design process with policymakers and first-response professionals
-Developing public/private partnerships in broadband communications
-Public Safety Wireless Communications
-Homeland Security Planning and Networking
-Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)/Traffic Communications
-Broadband Communications Networking
-Engineering Analysis for Siting of Wireless Communications Facilities
-Communications Network Performance Evaluation
Location: Kensington, MD with clients nationwide
o Compensation: Salary based on experience and education

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